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448 Kent Narrows Way North

Grasonville, MD 21638


Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday 5am-9pm

Saturday & Sunday 7am-4pm


Dance Aerobic Classes

Dance and Define - 60 minutes of great music and easy to follow dance moves taken up a notch by incorporating the use of light weights

Interval Classes

High Intensity Interval Training - 30 minute classes with intense 30 second periods of exercise followed by 30-60 seconds of rest.

Cross Conditioning - 60 minutes of continuous movement class. Students alternate high and low intensity working rather than in groups.

Total Body Sculpt - 60 minutes of strength training in a group exercise room. The class utilizes movements and equipment from the strength area in the group exercise room.

Barre/Pilates Sculpt - 30 minutes of standing barre work with light weights and body bars. The second portion is 30 minutes of mat Pilates to strengthen your core, help improve posture, and promote flexibility and strength.

Cycle Hour - 60 minutes of continuous cycling.

Cycle Core - 45 minutes of cycling with 15 minutes of abdominal and trunk work.

Cycle interval - interval training on the bike an

d off the bike.

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